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FYIMusic Advertising _ Sponsorship is Canada’s Music Industry News Source that focuses on Canada’s Music, Digital and Broadcast industries. Our niche subscribers are music industry professionals, radio broadcasters, television, digital producers and marketers, industry bloggers, publishers, talent and media.

Why Advertise on FYIMusic?

FYIMusic has rapidly established itself within its niche industries while steadily developing a strong audience and subscriber base.

With the way things are right now, we know that you are looking for value for your money when allocating advertising and marketing expenses.

FYIMusic banner advertising builds awareness of an emerging brand, band or service, and offers a truly cost-effective vehicle to reach a highly targeted audience of music industry decision makers.


Banners are available in either 729 wide x 90, 468×60 or 125×125 format, and are sold on a weekly and monthly basis. Our stats and reach includes: 268,000 page views per month and 5,000 weekly email subscribers (March 2010). There also affordable opportunities to stream content, provide downloads and include hyperlinks in charts and some editorial features.

We will be glad to customize an ad and sponsorship program to fit your needs. Please contact David Farrell to book your advertising and marketing campaign.

Discount for longer term and multiple ad placement. All prices are subject to change. Unless otherwise stated, all ad space is sold on a minimum monthly basis. Please contact us for further details.

Digital Music Marketing and Sponsorship Opportunities.

FYIMusic provides its clients with a single source for their music business communications, digital marketing, web network and management needs.
We work with our clients to identify new digital business and music marketing opportunities and facilitate the introduction of digital brands and services with the music industry. FYIMusic helps clients accomplish these goals by designing a creative digital platform from which to communicate and create a complete web 2.0 digital marketing _ communications strategy.

Custom Banner, Contextual Advertising, Advertorial, Video News Release, Digital Press Release, Audio and Video Podcast, Email, Twitter Marketing, Social Network Marketing and Sponsorship Campaigns. If you’re interested in discussing a custom digital marketing program with all available advertising and digital marketing options,

please contact: David Farrell

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