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Canadians will always write, record and perform music. What FACTOR does is to make sure that other Canadians, and music lovers around the world, have the chance to hear it. The Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent on Recordings is a not-for-profit corporation that administers funds from private radio broadcasters and the Department of Canadian Heritage.

For the past 28 years, the organization has used these funds to grow and strengthen Canadian artists and the independent music industry. Without FACTOR, many of Canada’s most noteworthy musicians wouldn’t have had the opportunity to record or to tour. The culture of our country would be the poorer for it. As President of FACTOR, you will keep the music playing. You’ll oversee the mission, the people and the infrastructure responsible for awarding funding to deserving Canadian applicants.

Working closely with a Board of Directors that represents Canada’s independent music industry and private radio broadcasters, you will add extraordinary relationship and business leadership credentials to this essential organization.

Formulate plans and strategies with your senior managers that set defined goals and aspirations. Promote consensus internally and externally. Be a team builder and performance manager to ensure that funds are allocated where they will do the most good.

Maintain the Foundation’s operating efficiencies. Develop a deep understanding of the evolution of the music and entertainment sector. Stay current on the technologies, the dynamics and the changing shape of the marketplace. Be a staunch supporter of Canada’s artists and music industry.

As a core source of financial support for the independent music sector, FACTOR will depend on the leadership of an executive who is comfortable in a financial milieu and adept at the nuances of working with an involved Board. Whether you have built your credentials in the private or public sector, you know how to promote collaboration and produce results when the two worlds partner in a venture. Here is the opportunity to exercise your fiscal and program administration expertise and alliance-building with a foundation of Canada’s culture.

To explore this opportunity further, please contact Margaret Vanwyck in our Toronto at 416-366-1990 or apply online at www.odgersberndtson.ca/en/careers/9434

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